Smart Data.

Trailblazing Technology.

Game Changing Investments.

Smart Data:

Collect & Connect.

All data and analytics services from market mix modelling to attribution modelling to performance analytics, with a bespoke collaborative data visualisation and workflow approach.

Trailblazing Technology:

Develop & Implement.​

From ad operations and data integrity to reporting systems, martech and adtech consulting, the services provided by our Technology Consulting & Development team are both broad, deep and vital to success in the modern marketing world.

Game Changing Investments:

Scouting & Privat Equity.

We search, evaluate and invest in disruptive companies in the fields of technology, data, online marketing, healthy food, clean energy and cryptos. The most important thing: an ambitious and well-balanced founding team and the scalability of the business model. Our answer to the future: „If you want to get something you never had, you need to do something you never did.“